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Dual Survival Show Debut on Discovery

Dave Canterbury of YouTube channel Wilderness Outfitters is debuting in his new Discovery show called Dual Survival. We were sad to see him depart YouTube last fall to go film the show but it will be cool to see him on the big(ger) screen. Show debuts Friday June 11, 2010, 10pm, Discovery. Props to Rex for letting me know!

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25 Responses to “Dual Survival Show Debut on Discovery”

  1. katabunga says:

    @gasdorf dualsurvival has its own youtube channel and I just watch it off the computer for free!!!! Thanks though!

  2. gasdorf says:

    @katabunga they have episodes on amazon video on demand for 1.99 per episode

  3. Doggorunning says:

    I don’t get the Discovery channel anymore :(

    Thanks for the kind words Roz :)

  4. DAMNITman1 says:

    @RoscoeBa Hey Avatar and spongebob rock!!!!! and Yo gabba gabba! I mean its weird but you cant help but to watch! :D

  5. RoscoeBa says:

    @Mecha04 Yah, I have loved them both so far. Great show!! It was a brilliant casting.

  6. RoscoeBa says:

    @Cuso77 Glad you feel my pain, Cuso! lol

  7. Cuso77 says:

    Nick Jr. Yeah, between that channel and Discovery Kids, everything else gets recorded..sigh. Such is parent life.

  8. whaynos says:

    Duel Survivor? So they throw 2 guys on an island and they duel it out? Cool.

  9. gargoyle4u says:

    Cody Lundin…Hello…you never heard him…wow!

  10. drummerthingx says:

    Cody Lundin is the guy’s name. He the most intelligent, experienced, and logical outdoor guru I have ever read. If you haven’t read his books then you are missing out on info you won’t find elsewhere.

    Hydrate or die!

  11. Mecha04 says:

    Wha?!? You do not know who Cody Lundin is? Cody is just as good as Dave when it comes to survival and he as been around from as long as Dave.

    BTW; I loved Friday’s episode.

  12. rongallant says:

    @RoscoeBa Where is that? Newfoundland?

  13. FatDaddy4Fun says:

    @RoscoeBa Yeah…pathfinder school. Did you like it? I thought it was way cool. The YT critics were kinda down on Dave, but I understand by the end of the series, these guys are like brothers.

  14. katabunga says:

    @RoscoeBa I just watched it on youtube! Pretty cool!… and I have one of Codys books too! “When All Hell Breaks Loose” It’s a good read, very in depth and informative. Well I hope the series sticks around for a bit! Thanks for finding the show… Now that Lost is over I’ve had nothing to watch till now!

  15. RoscoeBa says:

    @katabunga Heya Kat. It was actually really good. They were tossed in some extreme cold circumstances and had to build shelter and fire and find food. Good stuff. looking forward to Friday (oh that’s right, I always look forward to Fridays anyways!) :-D

  16. RoscoeBa says:

    @MrJimbofox Indeed, many thx, Mr. Fox!

  17. RoscoeBa says:

    @uturnman76 Great info, thx. I just Subbed to Cody’s channel!

  18. katabunga says:

    I would love to watch that show… It sounds like Survivor Man. Too bad I don’t have that channel. Hopefully they post episodes on Discoverys website.

  19. RoscoeBa says:

    @FatDaddy4Fun I didn’t know about it. Guess I’m missing the loop. Pathfinders as in Dave’s forum or somewhere else…?

  20. RoscoeBa says:

    @Burson69 Rock on. Yeah, he’s a cool dude.

  21. RoscoeBa says:

    @RDPproject Hey Rob, yeah I hope they (Discovery) can make it available to a larger audience online.

  22. RoscoeBa says:

    @ATF6281914 I set my timer after I read this comment. lol Thx Andrew!

  23. RoscoeBa says:

    @superdznuts99 haha. Yes he is.

  24. RoscoeBa says:

    @76bts Yah, Dave was a great choice in casting. They did a good job there.

  25. RoscoeBa says:

    @Involved6 I was surprised they put them in such a harsh, cold environment. I was worried a bit there for them! :-O


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