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Discovery Channel YouSpoof 2.0 Winner – Survivorman vs. Wild

Les Stroud hikes the vicious Ouchita Mountains of Southeastern Oklahoma.

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16 Responses to “Discovery Channel YouSpoof 2.0 Winner – Survivorman vs. Wild”

  1. TheHarshening says:

    in or out of his hotel?

  2. CrimsonGreaver says:

    LOL “I always carry my trusty…….nail-clipper”

  3. 101Osprey101 says:

    The acting is a bit weak, but he concept of Les stumbling upon Bear during a survival situation is frickin’ hilarious! Les rules!

  4. Dihydrousoxide says:

    The ending was totally worth it. From 5:20 onwards, I love how Les was just so pissed.

  5. ACLedBeatle says:

    FAKE!!! Bear Grylls would have killed Les with one hand tied behind is back.

  6. TTengu says:

    Too damn funny

  7. vkp3m says:

    Pretty good ending. Took a damn long time to pick up. Well done otherwise.

  8. glook says:

    Yeah, it was slow at first and then it picked up quite nicely :) .

  9. stroudtigers says:


  10. increality says:

    Little boring at first but then it turned out pretty darn good. Nicely done on this!

  11. BadMonTD says:

    “long pants, this will help in dense forest”

  12. bzdel2441 says:

    this movie is hilarious, i have watched it so many times!!!

  13. stlknight58 says:

    Incredible. Can’t wait for “I Love When Things Go Boom”!

  14. BoneKin says:

    Heh, this is awesome. Well done, guys.

  15. gdhf says:

    Original titles blown up from 360×240 to 720×480, and then recompressed down to 360×240 again. Lost a lot of clarity. It looks fine in the 720×480 version.

  16. futurelight says:

    Nice… but why is it blurrryyy? Why? WHY!!?


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