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Dave Budd Forging a Knife Using Primitive Methods

Today Dave Budd shows us how to forge a knife using primitive methods. Checkout for the making of knives or hand tools for other craftspeople and the teaching of various courses in Primitive Technology. NaturalBushcraft is a non-commercial organisation of friends sharing the knowledge and skills of Bushcraft freely – – Music by Spiro

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23 Responses to “Dave Budd Forging a Knife Using Primitive Methods”

  1. BuddTools says:

    @roglet123 that is EN45 spring steel, same sort of stuff used in leaf springs. Really tough and takes a pretty good edge, normally I’d use it for big blades like billhooks.It stiffens up quickly when the temperature drops below the correct forging temp, so I can feel the temperature under the hammer (makes forging in sunchine a bit easier)

  2. BuddTools says:

    this is s reconstruction of an Iron Age forge from the UK, but the art of blacksmithing in general is far from dying. There are more professional smiths around now than there were 30 years ago ;-)

  3. BuddTools says:

    this is a modified double bicked anvil that would normally sit in the hardy hole of a large anvil. Any lump of metal or hard stone that is heavy enough and hard enough will work if its secured well. I use bits of mild steel, fork lift spike, sledge hammers all mounted in heavy logs.

  4. roglet123 says:

    what steel is he using?

  5. cvbpo says:

    hey can you guys make an vid on how to make the forge and to forge out the kinfe if you guys do not have one out all ready

    iam trying to learn forge making and blade smithing of all kinds from new age to old… the old ways are my fave to learn and love the vid

  6. NaturalBushcraft says:

    @samsong94 No idea sorry, Dave is a nice bloke try contacting him direct at his website davebudd dot com
    All the best,
    - Ashley Cawley.

  7. samsong94 says:

    wath kind of anvil is are you using? I search for one but the only thing I fing are 200-300 pound anvil…

    and how does it cost?

  8. 5tonyvvvv says:

    @NaturalBushcraft so cool..ive have read that scythians made blades for tattoos ,how were they sharpened in the old days?

  9. Slic3R1 says:

    was he using charcoal? it looks like it

  10. Miikkx says:

    Or you could just use a pointy stick, either way.

  11. stabandhack1 says:

    What is the name of this song?

  12. scouser96100 says:

    yay primitive

  13. cvbpo says:

    the air surplie used thats an bukket and what leather over it to a tube cuz iam looking for an air surplie for my forge i made but i do not want to plug in something for air

  14. spinafire says:

    Something I would like to try sometime. I have much free time, this would be a fun way to pass time everyday. I just need to find where I can get an anvil and a blacksmithing hammer…

  15. adamhhj says:

    The heat don’t travel up to the top of the blade where he was holding?

  16. TheBossPenguin says:


  17. NaturalBushcraft says:

    @nocturnalprince666 Good idea, I’ll see if we can do a video about the forge, how it works & how to put it together. Cheers,

    - Ashley.

  18. nocturnalprince666 says:

    so i’ve been watching, practicing, using, living “pathfinder” style, and this is by far the best for “simplistic” instructions…now my question…could you make a vid on how to acheive this finely tuned forge???…though it looks simple…that’s the’s an art..a craft that is now dying sadly….*claps* it’s good to know that when “it happens” there will be others…*smiles*

  19. RDPproject says:

    WOW…I thoroughly enjoyed watching that.
    5* guys. Thanks for posting.
    How did this video get past me?…
    Good thing i checked out some of the photos on FB and followed the link.

  20. NaturalBushcraft says:

    @mazadan That’s good to hear; he’s a really great chilled out chap, easy to understand etc. If you contact him make sure you let him know you heard of him through NaturalBushcraft ;) Cheers,


  21. mazadan says:

    inspires me to look into going on one of dave budd courses to make a knife

  22. ColinOutdoors says:

    Fantastic, blacksmithing is a very fine art

  23. bearpatch1 says:

    A fine way to display some awesome skills,7-star to the smith.
    thank you for sharing this,—JC


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