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cody lundin yavapai College Q&A part one

yavapai College in Prescott Arizona 7:00 PM august 20th 2010 Cody lundin and a few sponsors including: yavapai search and rescue, heritage park zoological sanctuary, and sharlot hall museum put together a screening of the last episode in season one of dual survivor “bogged down”, during the commercials a raffle was done to give a few lucky individuals items such as a Cody lundin knife, poster autographed by him, as well as his book, and a water bottle. after the episode finished Cody lundin took the stage and answered some of the audiences questions after that he went outside for book signing and photographs. during our wait in line we had heard that “he will stay till everyone’s books has been signed.” and for those who didn’t have a book a flier was given out for Cody as well as his photographer and the illustrator to sign.

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11 Responses to “cody lundin yavapai College Q&A part one”

  1. MrPhilliprob says:

    @gravedigger277 we came from golden valley..williams is so cool up there 1 day hope to get there and do some fishing and hiking..ya cody is awesome we also had a great chat with

  2. gravedigger277 says:

    I went it was awesome I came down to prescott from williams I was back woods camping when I sat down a couple sat down next to me and my fiance and said….they stink to her husband LMAO anyway I stuck around for the book signing it was well worth it about 900 people showed up cody is a awesome dude and a pleasure to know

  3. shampoovta says:

    I really like Cody! I heard an interview were he talked about his teen years. He had a few problems but came out of it OK.

    I work with kids like that so I totally related.

  4. RaGe0rge says:

    Very cool. Thanks for sharing!

  5. MrPhilliprob says:

    @Fieldpup thats why we posted this, because as we sat there waiting for the episode to play i looked around and everyone just had regular cameras and no way to record it, aside from someone that i think that worked with cody, but next time i think that a better angle or camcorder is needed lol.

  6. MrPhilliprob says:

    @Ghillieinthebush no problem, next time he is doing something near here we will vid that as well and post it

  7. MrPhilliprob says:

    @TheBillman70 yeah sorry about that it was 4:00 in the morning just as we got back home and i had stayed up the previous day. but thank you for catching that ^_^

  8. tekknorat says:

    Holly smokes, the Legend himself.

  9. TheBillman70 says:

    Thanks for posting. I’ve become a big fan of Cody…But you spelled “College” wrong. Ooops.

  10. Ghillieinthebush says:

    Lol awesome! thanks for posting. I want to meet this guy one day!

  11. Fieldpup says:

    Wow thanks for filming this and posting it on youtube here for all of us that couldnt attend! Big thanks!



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