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cody lundin yavapai College Q&A part 2

yavapai collage in Prescott Arizona 7:00 PM august 20th 2010 cody lundin and a few sponsors including: yavapai search and rescue, heritage park zoological sanctuary, and sharlot hall museum put together a screening of the last episode in season one of dual survivor “bogged down”, during the commercials a raffle was done to give a few lucky individuals items such as a cody lundin knife, poster autographed by him, as well as his book, and a water bottle. after the episode finished cody lundin took the stage and answered some of the audiences questions after that he went outside for book signing and photographs. during our wait in line we had heard that “he will stay till everyone’s books has been signed. and for those who didn’t have a book a flyer was given out for cody as well as his photographer and the illustrator to sign. ========================== music by sinima beats “soulless man”

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7 Responses to “cody lundin yavapai College Q&A part 2”

  1. MrPhilliprob says:

    @shampoovta thanks for the comment..we do alot for the kids here in are valley..we do a small stock show in may and then all of are hikes..and we will keep posting all adventures that we do here in AZ. in mohave county.and we are still trying to figure out another time to do cody ludin survival course..and in septem ber we have are county fair here so we will down load are goat show for every body to watch us win..thanks again and became are friend on here and you will get updates..

  2. shampoovta says:

    4 H rocks! I was not in 4 H but I had a lot of friends who were. That and Boy Scouts, Future Farmers of America are all fantastic.

    I was a Camp Fire Girl :)

    All kids should do something like this.

  3. Burson69 says:

    great video

  4. MrPhilliprob says:

    @willyzook not a problem

  5. MrPhilliprob says:

    @Rhino10e welcome ^_^

  6. Rhino10e says:

    Thank you!

  7. willyzook says:

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing this video with the rest of us!


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