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Cody Lundin interview for Current TV

Cody Lundin interview filmed in the spring of 2005 for Current TV.

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16 Responses to “Cody Lundin interview for Current TV”

  1. gnarvids says:

    most people wont attempt to change untill its too late.

  2. milkau828 says:

    Hey Cody, is you necklace Mjollnir, the hammer of Thor?

  3. playdrums says:

    That big-nosed queer kid makes me want to puke. But Cody was cool.

  4. danthman114 says:

    tell that kid to shut the hell up

  5. pinworms70 says:

    Great video…Up until 4:16.

  6. iworkforme says:

    @hdiylove7 tru…could use more women with the same mindset too. after all we call her mother nature.

  7. DailyOC says:

    i would love to trip balls with!

  8. utubeworms says:

    Cody rules!

  9. MrVoiceofreason123 says:

    The younger guy in the white T shirt is annoying as hell

  10. enjoythewildUSA says:

    cody, well said brother.

  11. hdiylove7 says:

    Need more men like him!!!

  12. leshark says:

    cody is a legend

  13. turboredcart says:

    …public places have the heat on like 70. thats not conserving.

  14. ROFLpwnedvideos says:

    My girlfriend and I plan on buying land, using the few trees we clear to build a cabin style home, and equipping it with solar panels.
    It will be glorious.

  15. hobbexp says:


  16. gkbhai says:

    I enjoy your perspective
    Thank you



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