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Cody Lundin – ABO DUDE – PART 3

Earth Current TV visits founder and CEO of Aboriginal Living Skills School Cody Lundin On part 3 Cody shows us how to make fire with sticks. The old fashioned way. Make sure and watch Discovery Channel Friday nights Dual Survival follows Dave Canterbury Cody Lundin as they are dropped into scenarios that could happen to anyone: marooned sailors, lost hikers, trapped. To build a fire, it helps to understand the basic principles of a fire. Fuel (in a nongaseous state) does not burn directly. When you apply heat to a fuel, it produces a gas. This gas, combined with oxygen in the air, burns. Understanding the concept of the fire triangle is very important in correctly constructing and maintaining a fire. The three sides of the triangle represent air, heat and fuel. If you remove any of these, the fire will go out. The correct ratio of these components is very important for a fire to burn at its greatest capability. The only way to learn this ratio is to practice. SITE SELECTION AND PREPARATION You will have to decide what site and arrangement to use. Before building a fire consider — * The area (terrain and climate) in which you are operating. * The materials and tools available. * How much time you have. * Why you need a fire. * How close is the enemy. Look for a dry spot that — * Is protected from the wind. * Is suitably placed in relation to your shelter (if any). * Will concentrate the heat in the direction you desire. * Has a supply of wood or other

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