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Cody Lundin ABO DUDE – PART 2

Earth Current TV visits founder and CEO of Aboriginal Living Skills School Cody Lundin. On part 2 we visit Cody and interview him on his views of sustainability and life as he sees it.

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8 Responses to “Cody Lundin ABO DUDE – PART 2”

  1. 1065beth says:

    I love Cody and all the off the grid stuff AND I’m a conservative Republican. There are more of us on board with this stuff than you realize.

  2. cssbd says:

    I support what he does but his political commentary is way out of focus. He talks about how we emphasize self-reliance so much that we’ve forgotten what the tribe is all about, but he’s the guy who went off the grid into the wilderness and had four visitors in two years. He criticizes technology but he’s living in a Gunite house, like some aborigine invented the Gunite machine.

  3. ruinerfixxxer says:

    Don’t bring politics in this. You’ll lose.
    Liberalism, progressiveness , socialism, its all the same damn “ism” , and it has become an incurable disease.

    They live and breathe off of our blood, sweat, and tears. Thankfulness ? No, just a cry for more, and constant condescension of those who make their existence possible.

    I for one no longer want to live among them, nor do I want them polluting what could otherwise be a polite, and prosperous society.

  4. swartzie68 says:

    Why pull politics [republicans?] Lay it out straight..Liberals/progressives will take what you have in the desert too! do you own a gun for defense when the bread/gas/food are not avaliable to the masses,the raiders will be out to take abo-dude stuff too..good luck..I share survival beliefs with you.Thanks

  5. djtntftube says:

    This video is prophetic! I can’t believe it was added in 2006! With the catastrophic state of the global economy in 2008 it has proven true!

    Codys comment about our society being like “a stack of Domino’s ready to fall” is imminent! Also Andrew Millson’s comment about not being able to “get your bread from 1500 miles away” is about to happen also!

    I’ve been trying to become more self-sufficient since Y2K. I hope to continue in my efforts before the plug gets pulled!

  6. rainbowmatrixs says:

    hippies……….what is a hippie?

  7. rainbowmatrixs says:

    weird…….human…….when it comes to survival then they will understand – experience will teach……changing woman returns. Hippies I don’t think so……….human beings yes…Just a question here how does ibis118 know if they are drugged out…..were you there drugged too.? Or was this another case of second hand knowledge or assumption which makes(ass-u-me).

  8. ibis118 says:

    don’t think this dude represents permaculture or peak oil, he’s a really weird hippy (drugged out) and so is his friend…. permacultue is about science not hippies. Google “peak oil”


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