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Channel Update Pathfinder School

Just an update on future videos and what you will be seeing on my channel in the very near future. I hope you will enjoy these new videos as much as I will enjoy learning from them!

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25 Responses to “Channel Update Pathfinder School”

  1. Struggle2015 says:

    I think its cool how he pointed to the rite spot in the frame, about the link in the info section.


  2. liketadied says:

    great im subscribing now

  3. locke6206 says:

    You are very welcome! I am glad it can be of some help!

  4. EnergyBreeze says:

    Hi Locke!

    I love your channel…your work is a great addition for my understanding of the pathfinder system. i am a student of Dave/virtual classroom too, but here in my city are no big forests…i have to look for a area to practise..Thanks and Semper Fidelis!

  5. canteencorner says:

    I agree man – you can’t ever stop learning when it comes to Bushcraft or Life!

    - Rob

  6. Rednexas says:

    Right on, man! Mother Nature has new lessons everyday. Dave’s videos are good stuff. Been thinking about doing some vids myself on using the Pathfinder system, but it’s too dadgum hot in Texas right now…maybe this fall. Have fun on your own adventure tho. I’ll watch.

  7. locke6206 says:

    I will have vids up starting this weekend.. Gonna be in the woods Friday and Saturday. So I hope to get a few modules knocked out.

  8. BushcraftOnFire says:


    I’m looking forward to watching how you attack the course :) This will be interesting!

  9. p52ntwrk says:

    Git Some! i say if we lose nature we are lost, never stop learning Amen.

  10. locke6206 says:

    Thank you! I am definately looking forward to learning with Dave. He definately knows his stuff. And I look forward to getting a Pathfinder tattoo when I complete phase one. lol

  11. Fenianboyo says:

    Good Luck man! Been following Dave’s videos and progress for a while now and have definitely thought of doing the same thing you are.

  12. locke6206 says:

    Thank you brother! I am really looking forward to it!

  13. nightblade18m says:

    Good luc with that Chris. From what i’ve read, its pretty indepth. I know you’ll do fine in whatever comes your way.

  14. locke6206 says:

    Thank you very much! You will be seeing new vids hopefully starting this weekend.

  15. slamfire69 says:

    they dont allow taking videos at the class so that kinda sux

  16. gunzanrozes says:

    hey locke, been a subscriber since you started doing the bug out kits. Can’t wait to see some new vids involving survival.

  17. locke6206 says:

    Thank you very much! Thank you for watching as well!

  18. Flash28flash says:

    Well done Dude….love your vids and thanks for taking the time to share them with us.

  19. locke6206 says:

    Damn! That onpoint tactical courses look cool as hell! Get some good vid of that!

  20. slamfire69 says:

    that should be a great course. dave knows ALOT of shit! im taking onpoint tacticals 3 day basic scout class. im hoping to learn alot from them

  21. ironhead41 says:


  22. NewOperationDarkStar says:

    Sounds good Bro he has alot of good Info I have his youtube page on mine and watch his stuff alot.

  23. beast12101 says:

    sounds good, cant wait.

  24. locke6206 says:

    I hope to attend one of his 3 day hands on classes sometime in the near future myself.

  25. darb1017 says:

    I live about 40 min from Dave. I would LOVE to go down and just spend a week or two with him in the woods. I know Urban survival, but not much wilderness survival.


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