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Caring for your Axe with Wax – Bushcraft Gransfors Bruks Axe

A quick tip on caring for your Axe with wax! Give it a coating of wax and it will protect it against rusting in the wet. The axe in this video is a gransfors bruks small forest axe. You can learn more about Axes at

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25 Responses to “Caring for your Axe with Wax – Bushcraft Gransfors Bruks Axe”

  1. NaturalBushcraft says:

    @boomunderscore0 Interesting, thanks I’ll try that sometime :)

    - Ashley Cawley.

  2. boomunderscore0 says:

    somethin i noticed when i tried this with my wetterlings is to use an old rag and smear the wax around to almost coat the rag with the stuff and itll rub the wax round on the steel a bit better rather than bein chunky, learned bout using wax from your vid tho so thanks much :)

  3. NaturalBushcraft says:

    @mknyman These axes have bloody good steel and I don’t do anything I shouldn’t with my axe, so I barely ever have to sharpen them to be honest.

  4. mknyman says:

    I’m sure it protects the ax all right, but won’t the wax clog your files/stones you use for sharpening?

  5. SpartanJohns says:

    good tip. always hated putting oil on it.

  6. NaturalBushcraft says:

    @theflamingjanitor Depends entirely on what sharpening process you will be using.
    - Ashley.

  7. theflamingjanitor says:

    do you have to clean the wax off of the edge when sharpening?

  8. survivalenthusiast says:

    warming the head slightly before doing this might help or giving and quick heating after with a good rub down with an old rag. I treat my homemade handle with wax and rub it till the friction melts it in then rub the excess off

  9. alhovde19 says:

    your naiiiiils!

  10. kaziklu79 says:

    You can also use old fried vegetable (sunflower) oil – it protects from or stops all rusting.

  11. Killahofosho says:

    sandpaper and gun oil

  12. DudeNumberOnePlus says:

    I would use beeswax or candle made of it. I wouldnt eat paraphine…

  13. 2694wr says:

    that sucks

  14. NaturalBushcraft says:

    @2694wr Wasn’t that painful actually, just really annoying that it had to be kept straight in a splint for 8 weeks :(

  15. 2694wr says:

    sounds like it hurt

  16. NaturalBushcraft says:

    @2694wr Snapped a tendon in my small finger whilst Cornish Wrestling, freak ancient really, it’s not a dangerous sport as I’ve been wrestling all my life and that’s the worst injury I’ve had. Look through our other videos & I believe there is one showing Cornish Wrestling.

  17. 2694wr says:

    watd you do to your finger?

  18. boomunderscore0 says:

    could you use this same method of coating it with candle wax on a knife?… would it differ depending on the use of the knife being “waxed” ?

  19. joshb0508 says:

    Hey where did u buy this from?

  20. NaturalBushcraft says:

    Yes, absolutely; cover thinly with linseed oil, wipe it clean of any excess and let it dry, thats all it needs.

  21. chrissylyons89 says:

    thanks for showing this mines got rust on it managed to get it out with some wd40 and wire wool but i will now use this to protect it, any advice on how to polish the handle

  22. captaincoolness55 says:

    i’ll have to try that sometime!

  23. OKBushcraft says:

    Thanks for your post. Great idea, Gulf Wax is food grade parafin and is very cheap. You can find it in the canning/preserving section of the grocery store. Man that was a good idea! 5/5

  24. BushcraftOnFire says:

    Very useful tip Bro! 5/5

  25. alikokos says:

    good tip. simple and good.


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