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Bushcraft Projects – 1Q10

Short video montage of still photo’s detailing just a handfull of the projects completed in the first quarter of 2010.

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25 Responses to “Bushcraft Projects – 1Q10”

  1. jmg1957 says:

    well done

  2. maveraver says:

    Thanks Dale

  3. LearnBushcraft says:

    Fantastic Video with wonderful music and some great projects well done! 5/5

  4. bricardiff1969 says:

    nice one

  5. maveraver says:

    thanks mate

  6. 73mensailedoff says:

    Beautiful work 5*

  7. noucuratlex says:


  8. maveraver says:

    @MyJogger – Cheers matey

  9. MyJogger says:

    really enjoyed this video mate.

    You do some nice work.
    Beautiful music too.


  10. maveraver says:

    @SKwoodsman – cheers Matt

  11. SKwoodsman says:

    Hats off! Beautiful! I’m gonna watch this again :) 5/5


  12. maveraver says:

    @T3hJones – shocker isnt it – lol

  13. maveraver says:

    @medicjimr – thanks jim

  14. maveraver says:

    @RDPproject – thanks mate, the bowl is still a work in progress, but i think it’s going to look good when it’s finally finished

  15. maveraver says:

    @cujomojo2007 – certainly do, good idea that will add to the ever growing list

  16. T3hJones says:

    Wow a bushcrafter that actually make things! :D

  17. medicjimr says:

    Yes awesome craftsmanship 5/5

  18. RDPproject says:

    Great work mate and a really nice slidshow.
    Im especially impressed by the Hazle bowel.

  19. cujomojo2007 says:

    Do you make your own purse nets? A tutorial would be fantastic.

  20. maveraver says:

    @4ancientarts – thanks mate

  21. 4ancientarts says:

    Great skills! I enjoy your efforts

  22. maveraver says:

    @beast12101 – gotta keep occupied – lol

  23. beast12101 says:

    you’ve been busy

  24. maveraver says:

    @SkogKniv – cheers mate


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