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Bushcraft Knife. RDPproject & Makermook Collaboration Project.

Bushcraft Knife. RDPproject & Makermook Collaboration Project.

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25 Responses to “Bushcraft Knife. RDPproject & Makermook Collaboration Project.”

  1. 1lupus says:

    @facatube When you forge weld you need to use a flux. My best guess as to the type of flux used here , would be anhydrous Borax. Lots of smiths use it, some people even use the common home style Borax.

  2. RDPproject says:


    That white powder…i think it is a kind of FLUX. It helps the metal to stick together.

  3. redchevy1957 says:


  4. RDPproject says:

    That is what we call PVA glue here in Australia.
    It should be the same over there in the usa. Its wood glue. Works really well..

  5. redchevy1957 says:

    i enjoy your vids learn alot. what kind of glue did you use to glue the handles on? thanks nice work

  6. RDPproject says:


  7. xV13TCONGx says:

    I love the handle… but the blade looks like an apple peeler

  8. robsteries says:

    @RDPproject he means the white stuff you’ve put on the metal

  9. switchest26 says:

    @RDPproject Robbo, I think he means that Makermook sprinkled some dust on the heated metal…..looked like Icing sugar..LOL!

  10. ColinOutdoors says:

    @RDPproject I’ve been subbed to him for quite a while :-)

  11. RDPproject says:

    Sorry….I do not understand your question….

  12. RDPproject says:

    Thank you Mike.
    It was fun and were only half way….lol

  13. RDPproject says:

    Merci Matt

  14. RDPproject says:

    Thank you Gerald.


  15. RDPproject says:

    Thanks Colin.
    You may wanna go check out Mooks channel aswell. He will be making more knives soon. He just got a big box of spring steel.


  16. PiPphiltitley says:

    @DarkChaoto it’s on here to mate if you have not clocked it.


    stay safe pip

  17. PiPphiltitley says:

    @RDPproject no worriz mate!

    yep it can be a pain in the ass moving.

    no workshop oow that would be sacrilege mate :)

    truly hope all goes well and works out for you mate where and when ever you move.

    peace n love

    stay safe pip

  18. facatube says:

    which is the dust you at the benning of your video?

  19. ArtistBlade1972 says:

    @cam131313cam I prefer tung oil mixed with a little danish oil for penetration. Give it a try you’ll probably like it. It also dries 5 times faster than regular boiled linseed oil.

  20. ArtistBlade1972 says:

    @RDPproject I feel sorry for ya on the moving thing. I just finished clearing everything out of my mothers old house so we could rent it out. That was one hell of a job man. Hope you get a nice place with plenty of shop room :)

  21. RDPproject says:

    Duuuude….dont hold any flame to it. Its OIL. It can be flammable.
    You just need to apply and let stand for a while. Even over night if you need to.
    Any wood will soak up a percentage of the oil. After it has stood for a while…use an old rag and whip off any excess and your done. As simple as that.

  22. RDPproject says:


    Thx mate.
    I hate moving house……dotn even know if I will have a workshop area at what ever new place im at.


  23. RDPproject says:

    Yeah I know DAVE…

  24. RDPproject says:

    What info?….probably best if you ask him mate.

  25. RDPproject says:

    I would be glad to Evan. But It will have to wait until the new year at least.
    I will be moving house shortly and dont know where i will end up. I dont even know if I will have any area to use as a workshop. Remind me again in January please. Rob


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