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Bushcraft International Tutorial Challenge. Firelighting – Cottonball Candles.

Bushcraft International Tutorial Challenge. Firelighting – Cottonball Candles. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976. DISCLAIMER: NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED! VIDEOS ARE MADE PURELY FOR ENTERTAINMENT AND EDUCATION.

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25 Responses to “Bushcraft International Tutorial Challenge. Firelighting – Cottonball Candles.”

  1. RDPproject says:

    Cool. Keep me posted mate.
    Or do a video test on them.

  2. captjeff78 says:

    hey Rob, just made some of these for myself! only made about 10 though. they are in the fridge right now. i will let you know how they turned out!!

  3. dingodavid says:

    Yeah. I know.
    We need to knock it off before people start talking : D

  4. RDPproject says:

    Dear Dingodavid…I think were starting to sound like those people in the
    advice colums in woman weekly magazine….LOL

  5. dingodavid says:

    Dear Rob,
    A piece of folded aluminium foil always works well as a substitute lid.
    I nearly always carry one inside the large container, along with the stove, the fuel bottle, a cleaning cloth, some sachets of coffee and sugar, a few tea bags, some powdered milk, and some biodegradable detergent.

  6. RDPproject says:

    Yeah…when I test my cooking stuff/things…I tend to do it without the lid
    because thats how i do it in the bush because im always using my lid when im cooking for other things.

  7. dingodavid says:

    I must be a lazy bastard, because all I do is pop down to my local supermarket or hardware store and buy a 24 pack of Jiffy Firelighters, or my local camping store and buy a pack of Hexamine tablets : )
    Just another thought… I generally use the frying pan of my Swedish cook set as a lid when I’m boiling water. I find that it boils in half the time and uses half the fuel.
    Still, I guess it gave you something to do on a rainy day : )

  8. Dave54600 says:

    Very good for starting fires. Also the wax keeps the cotton completely dry even if it gets submerged.

  9. RDPproject says:

    Actually…I think it probably would have.
    This water did get very hot. Hot enough to burn my finger if i had left it in there for more than a few seconds.

  10. RDPproject says:

    thx mate

  11. EconoChallenge says:

    Do you think it would have boiled half the water? Say 500 ml’s? (2 cups)

  12. karlsefni01 says:


  13. RDPproject says:

    If you want to have a normal candle….then use the normal Tea Light candles….lol
    They will last much longer that these ones i made for the cooker.

  14. Misha24156 says:

    i would not have thought of using that as a candle. But i like it

  15. RDPproject says:

    You can….but they cost alot more.
    My bag of cotton balls cost me
    less than $2.

  16. Prepare2Survive says:

    how about using a tampon instead of cotton balls

  17. RDPproject says:

    Juts be aware that they burn brighter and hotter…but dont last nearly as long as the candles.

  18. cujomojo2007 says:

    What a great idea, I’ve never used waxed cotton balls before. I do carry a few tea light candles in my fire kit, but the cotton ball gives a much better flame. I might have to give this one a try myself.

  19. bushvid says:

    Good one! If it boils the billy it’s a good kit item. Don’t be concerned — it takes me that many strikes to get anything lit.

  20. RDPproject says:

    Yeah..well iI had so many of them. I decided to give them away.
    It didnt take long either…lol

  21. chrissept21 says:

    LOL “if you wanna try these”….make em your self haha just kidding

    great idea

  22. RDPproject says:

    Thx Daniel.
    Its a Citizen Eco-Drive.
    It does not have a timer on it. The top bit is called a Bezel. You can turn it so the arrow meets any point on the watch face. It also has minutes on it so when you turn the Bezel, you can use it to count mins.
    w w w (dot) citizenwatch (dot) c o m
    The entire blue face on it is a solar panel. So everytime its exposed to light, it charges the battery.

  23. killerspoofings says:

    what kind of watch is that? thats cool that it has a timer around the top! and great video.

  24. RDPproject says:

    Thats another good way. Cos you can put the lid back on and reuse it later.

  25. RDPproject says:

    Yeah Cam.
    I also make the Vaseline versions.


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