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Boys Barely Survive Hurricane No thanks to Survivorman Man versus wild spoof New Orleans Volcano

The boys survive a storm. No thanks to Survivor Man Les Stroud. The Kids have No Water, No Shelter, No Mommies yet they manage to Survive. Survival in the outdoors like Man vs. Wild. No Bears, No Sharks, No rock band , Lots of fun. Survival guide.. FAKE AND OTHER HURRICANES series fake spoof series. New series. Winter storm man verse wild spoof warning next. canada banff british columbia

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25 Responses to “Boys Barely Survive Hurricane No thanks to Survivorman Man versus wild spoof New Orleans Volcano”

  1. martiniforlunch92 says:

    2:12 …. jesus kids calm down.

  2. Millertheman says:

    Fuck those kids i hope they are terminated

  3. shorerydr10 says:

    @beeurd um if you have never lived near the sea, I guess you wouldn’t know that the sea isn’t potable water……

  4. lifegoeson619 says:

    awww they wanna be like survivorman

  5. trentjodie1 says:

    @chlevs nope.. just them trying to have fun :)

  6. chlevs says:

    did the kids really die?

  7. beeurd says:

    I like the bit where it says “no water”… while they are in the sea.

  8. trentjodie1 says:

    @sexybee013 4.35 actually as you commented :)

  9. sexybee013 says:

    Thanks alote u have just wasted 3:35 minits of my life

  10. nukki1000 says:

    This movie rocks. Its so funney and cool

  11. nukki1000 says:

    there the best surviver ever NOT

  12. Asianbro1121 says:

    @trentjodie1 lol yea that was retarded

  13. moonboots69er says:

    The title made me think this vid would be half decent…….

    How wrong I was.

  14. pinkheart1209 says:

    hate it.

  15. 0178mary says:

    you should be ashamed…is this how you show yours kids how to survive if something castrophic happens to you and you kids?

  16. elreylagarto85 says:


  17. nathanklopper says:

    Cool video

  18. flyboy8492 says:

    dem seagulls look tasty

  19. flyboy8492 says:

    demonstrated by yours.

  20. genesee10 says:

    this just rewened my show survivorman thanks

  21. ironbirds92f says:

    no comment is worth it for this video

  22. PissedAssasin717 says:


    What a bunch of losers.

  23. dagamer1234 says:


  24. papertrail77 says:

    I bet les stroud could only shake his head at all the stupid parodies of his show….

  25. rhv201 says:

    Folks! This was three cute KIDS making a parody of a Survivorman show. This was not meant to be real, you knuckleheads! Just enjoy it for the entertainment value and get over it.


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