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Bird Cage Trap

Bird cage trap aka Arapuca live bird trap.

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10 Responses to “Bird Cage Trap”

  1. ShadowHaxorus says:

    you should keep the trap lower if your traping sparows or small birds its hard for me to even find sticks around my area but i made one before and i used it alot and caught alot of birds with it untill one day a crow got traped in it an it bit the string and it fell apart! and nice video =)

  2. GratzyTheGame says:

    @flamedrag18 you are right. you can untie the sticks if you want to grab the bird.

  3. flamedrag18 says:

    nice, but your not supposed to tie the top ones on, your supposed to put them in by tension with the other sticks so you can push them out of the way to grab the bird securely before lifting the trap, absolutely no way to lose the bird, your way gives them a chance to escape when you lift the cage to grab them, Colhane has a great video on it.

  4. MultiAnonymousman says:

    you should try making a fish trap =)
    btw awesome vids bro

  5. dennismyoutubization says:

    That trap looks nice!

  6. FranceBushcraft says:

    Nice video my friend
    all the best

  7. GratzyTheGame says:

    @shooterdude12 Thank you my friend.

  8. GratzyTheGame says:

    @michalturon1108 Glad you like it.

  9. shooterdude12 says:

    Excellent trap Gratzy!

  10. michalturon1108 says:

    great birds trap


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