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Beyond Survival with Les Stroud – S01E02 – The sea Gypsies of Malaysia (3/3)

Les heads into open waters with the Sea Gypsies of Malaysia to spearfish in shark filled seas, and survive in a world of water, where storms and tsunamis threaten to wipe out the tribe, forever.

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5 Responses to “Beyond Survival with Les Stroud – S01E02 – The sea Gypsies of Malaysia (3/3)”

  1. NocheeseSherlock says:

    @ajk1080 Go teach them that instead of just saying what they are doing wrong.. Do something about it. Easy to say: “Do this and do that” when you are sitting behind a computer probably on air conditioner comfy drinking and eating from your fridge. They in the other hand have to struggle to eat. I don’t mean to dis but maybe with those pointers you will realize how bad these people got it for them to be worrying about other thing than feeding their families.

  2. ajk1080 says:

    I’m sorry, I am usually pretty open minded, but these people disgust me. Usually aborigine people live in sync with thier surroundings, these people are poluting the water, and have not adapted to thier situation at all, they still need to go to land for supplies. Just stay on land and use the ocean to fish, why the extra struggle and polution to live on the water.

  3. FALUBWA says:

    you dont urinate in the ocean in the location of the accident. you actually pee of the part of the body where youre stung.

  4. dragomancer123 says:

    i would love to be Les

  5. tommyhf9999 says:

    les stroud is awesome, his shows are more for mature audience than bear grylls. man vs wild is more of a kids show with cheap hyped up “wows” and “awwe”. with les stroud you can actually get insights into this world and learn something.


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