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Bear Grylls Worst Case Scenario- Physical attacks S01E05 P-2

Physical attacks — Bear Grylls viarumix networks

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25 Responses to “Bear Grylls Worst Case Scenario- Physical attacks S01E05 P-2”

  1. sundaedesigns says:

    Poor guy first gets a bottle to the face the bear assaults him haha.

  2. 22DaveBatista says:

    superman +batmab plus spideman=bear gryls

  3. varun009 says:

    @F3rrata i’d like to see that ‘worst case scenario’ guide.

  4. sumanbhowmick1 says:

    i like it……

  5. captainpiepants says:

    @NLglennNL No SAS man I know would speak like that. You just embarrassed yourself sir.

  6. F3rrata says:

    this guy will survive 2012

  7. NLglennNL says:

    @captainpiepants lol stupid fuck search it up.

  8. MultiMastermagician says:

    that back flip was so cooooool

  9. 1ChinchillaBoy1 says:

    @TsimFuckiz Chuck Norris cannot be replaced, but I believe he has an equal.

  10. roburboots says:

    @captainpiepants If you want to believe that then fine I won’t try and change your view. And to consider you as a SAS or former SAS, would be unlikely mainly because you are Australian. However, I do not know the exact requirements to join the SAS, nor the history of your life. Its just my 2 cents.

  11. captainpiepants says:

    @roburboots I was told it stood for Super Army Soldiers by a few of them. They wouldn’t lie to me. Not to one of their own.

  12. roburboots says:

    @captainpiepants Seach it up. Please.

  13. captainpiepants says:

    @roburboots Special Air Services? Sounds like working in the Post Office. Super Army Soldiers makes more sense. Seriously.

  14. roburboots says:

    @captainpiepants Wrong. Special Air Services.

  15. TheYakub50 says:

    poor guy being droped on te grounds, punshed…….

  16. TheYakub50 says:

    @Anewera77 no he has a wife and 2 sons

  17. Anewera77 says:

    i bet he gets a lot of pussy..

  18. laz3ra says:

    zomg he is becoming the new chuck norris

  19. dillzer12 says:

    At 5:20 he looks like a bully twisting his nipples HAHAHHA

  20. spectrum069 says:

    @kozadongre nicely done

  21. kozadongre says:

    @airsoft421 Special Air Service mate. SAS.

  22. p3rs0n42 says:

    @proudaznpride96 then you’re fucked if you’re more than a few feet away xD

  23. proudaznpride96 says:

    @octermo well he was in the special forces…

  24. proudaznpride96 says:

    what if they had a gun, bear grylls?

  25. captainpiepants says:

    @airsoft421 Actually, it stands for Super Army Soldiers.


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