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Bear Grylls sleeps in a deer carcass (Scottish Highlands)

In a desperate attempt to maintain body warmth, Bear Grylls (Man vs Wild) sleeps in a deer carcass in the Scottish Highlands.

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25 Responses to “Bear Grylls sleeps in a deer carcass (Scottish Highlands)”

  1. ross1494 says:

    where does the cameraman sleep lol

  2. whatifw says:

    Imagine if peda saw this. XD fuck them lol

  3. joshhatesjemnalex says:

    @highlandcommando you win.

  4. MrLemonyFresh says:

    I actually want to do that

  5. dantesblackrose13 says:

    @lumad81 Not really. I just don’t particularly like Bear Grylls. Don’t hate the guy, he is knowledgable, to an extent, it’s just that sometimes, he is doing thigns just for the camera.

  6. lumad81 says:

    the truth is your a city boy.. thats all.. lol

  7. lumad81 says:

    lol.. ur a stupid moron.. you dont know what is the survival show.. how can we learn if we dont see what he like us to learn… im from the country of pacific and we have traditional survival to.. and bear used lots of our survival techniques..

  8. Raz0rjames says:

    If it’s fake then how come today I watched him go down a 120 foot cliff face hanging onto nothing but tree roots

  9. Roryx9 says:

    @Karazy212 well lets see you do this then fag… and if u hate him, y r u watching this?

  10. Karazy212 says:

    This guy is such a FAKE!!! omfg he’s got camera crew my ass he actually spends the night in that shit ke kills animals for no damn reason this guy should be charged with animal cruelty or something like seriously this guy is such a fake Survivor Man is so much better atleast in that it’s just one guy with a cam corder this is BS!

  11. bbbbbbbbbill says:

    when Bear was born, he sleeps in his mother

  12. NothingDefamatory says:

    @superduperboyx Bear is so tough that pain is boring

  13. H0U5T0N3TX says:

    i bet that deer had fleas

  14. funnyguy1012 says:

    that is so gross lmao

  15. wchucktaggart says:

    A real man would be practising survival techniques in the Scottish Highlands without an f-ing camera crew and without parading himself as some f-ing SAS-dib-dib-dib-woggle wielding superhero. He’s as real as Luke skywalker.

  16. dantesblackrose13 says:


  17. DarthTyranus84 says:

    @highlandcommando … lol

  18. winkwink098 says:

    what if that deer jst peed on him when he was pulling him?

  19. superduperboyx says:

    haha he said he has to pee, so its BORING??

  20. shakyaontube says:

    visit my channel for the full episodes of man vs wild and worst case scenario series

  21. jinkariya18 says:

    how does he sleep in a deer carcas i mean he just cute the skin off for a fur coat to keep warm to sleep at night

  22. frewcc says:

    he left the carcass and stayed in a holiday inn that night, its confirmed by discovery channel

  23. harrybaws12345 says:

    @shintymad001 well you said your a deer stalkerr aaaaahhhhhhh

  24. shintymad001 says:

    @harrybaws12345, I’m sorry im confused, what do you mean by “calling and hanging?”

  25. harrybaws12345 says:

    @shintymad001 so is that like calling deers n hangin up ? or what?


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