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Bear Grylls Piss Take

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25 Responses to “Bear Grylls Piss Take”

  1. NobNation says:

    Brilliant Mimic of Bear!!!! Excellent.

  2. EdelB8 says:

    wats d name off d song in d video?

  3. Loissuperwoman says:

    This is Hilarious ! More people need to watch,very funny !

  4. ID4VIE says:

    brilliant mate make another

  5. aaronthomasa says:

    best dancing on youtube no doubt

  6. LukeMcG1991 says:

    that is brilliant! hhahhahaha

  7. johnnybc100 says:

    Do way more a dat’ shi. Deadly ya legend!!!!

  8. lizardful100 says:

    The only difference between you and bear is you can dance

  9. ahskelman says:

    the tune is keep on movin by benny royal

  10. Rwy02 says:

    rofl the hole hahahaha

  11. Denzel1916 says:

    Have him down to a T well done :D

  12. Rhythmicnodding says:

    wow bear grylls is such a good dancer.

  13. 19SeanMurphy79 says:

    Thanks for making us laugh. That was a laugh a minute. You have to do another one.

  14. markkoeman says:

    well done got some laugh off this video

  15. cillian1983 says:

    really need to know the name of the tune

  16. clawlesslawless says:

    hilarious shit

  17. luvhairdye says:

    savage savage savage!! u and the impression ;)

  18. jimtheyid says:

    100% world class fella!!!!
    LMFAO all the way through,specially the mushrooms part, quality

  19. cmonmayo says:

    ok yes uve nailed da impression. but please tell me da name of da dance song track!!!

  20. MascaraJunkie23 says:

    Bang on impression, really funny!

  21. Byson1871 says:

    Out camping with his grandmother hahahahahahahaha brilliant.

  22. nickybow86 says:

    Ha ha class love it

  23. Officer107 says:

    Very good impression of Bear Grylls

  24. pullandbang says:

    Feckin brilliant. He deserves an Oscar..

  25. mogbasterd says:

    wats the tune called]


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