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Bear Grylls Bear Eats 2/5

Bear must put his prejudices aside and tuck into a whole array of ‘tasty treats’ in order to survive the most hostile places on earth.Yes, it’s the juicy bits – this one-off special takes viewers through the prime cuts of “Born Survivor”. Cue the camel’s stomach, the elephant droppings, the live frogs, the goat’s testicles, the meat from a zebra carcass, the water from steaming elephant dung and turtle’s blood… all in the name of survival, tasty!

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25 Responses to “Bear Grylls Bear Eats 2/5”

  1. matthewguan10 says:

    @SuchAParawhoree you are a fuking genius lmfao xD

  2. icefreakk says:

    Drinking elephant dung juice…Yum.

  3. nedacont8 says:

    @doggygomoo cuz it gives you your appetite.

  4. Malyxx91 says:

    Did he really need to squeeze the elephant shit harder lol

  5. Tredoltle says:

    I would sooooo much rather drink my own piss than drinking elephant dump

  6. ferr3t says:

    i love how this guy just rolls round the world stabbing crabs in the face and drinking his own piss.

  7. raymoo123 says:

    Just to eat it is horrible but to swallow it is worse and WASTE of crab

  8. WesleyLG1 says:

    andrew zimmerman has nothin on this guy

  9. reita357 says:

    he stabbed the crab in the head for nothing

  10. Deepsand101 says:

    Drinking pee will actually dehydrate you rather than rehydrate you; It is composed primarily of salts.

  11. C00kieSlayer says:

    man and i think tkaing my medicine is bad..

  12. C00kieSlayer says:

    great way to describe drinking your piss

  13. BeyondChange says:

    What the F! This is insane eating and drinking!

  14. FXThug says:


  15. LeLeFRaiinO says:

    Im hungry now

  16. plastig002 says:

    mmm good eats

  17. ta1at says:

    i wonder what his shit looks like. . .

  18. deatXbyXchocolate335 says:


    Meh.. It’s the food chain. :)

  19. heavyweiight says:

    man fuck this i rather die

  20. eddykim8907 says:

    His name is bear, so he eats like one

  21. MrSuperFuTuRe says:

    i bet that when he will go back home
    he will eat Mc cheese birger with bugs :D

  22. TSRPCybers says:

    @SuchAParawhoree Yeah I know Right, I Like Typeing Like This Me Too!

  23. mbd009 says:

    @SuchAParawhoree dude epic comment!

  24. mrpoedgonzales says:

    why did i watch this before dinner?! haha

  25. Ninga0809 says:

    @doggygomoo i know eh? but i cant help but feel hungry when im watching this episode for some reason = =


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