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Baited Snare Trap

Baited snare trap

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12 Responses to “Baited Snare Trap”

  1. MultiAnonymousman says:

    @GratzyTheGame i know what you mean, but my question was, how can i make it more sensitive? thx =)

  2. GratzyTheGame says:

    @MultiAnonymousman you can make this trap as sensitive as you want. Thais trad shoul be made on small animal trails, in order to force the animal to go straight to the bait.

  3. MultiAnonymousman says:

    i got a problem on this trap… its hard to make it go off, even my freakin dog comes up and lickes off all the peanut butter on the bait stick and it doesnt go off =/

  4. GratzyTheGame says:

    @MultiAnonymousman yes, the spring up it-s a small tree, and the knots are usual basic knots

  5. MultiAnonymousman says:

    did u just bend a tree to make the spring up….
    also can u make a video on hot to tie the knots? thank you =)

  6. MultiAnonymousman says:

    hmm that has to be a big animal to get caught

  7. sheldontimm says:

    lol you use the thickest trees for engines, the animal being trapped would probably get cut in half, if not its going for a ride. good job though better to much then not enough.

  8. trapper158 says:

    great trap mate

  9. survivingoutdoors says:

    Excellent. Do you find natural cordage works better, although more difficult to set the shape needed?

  10. shooterdude12 says:

    Another great snare grat

  11. seanandfreddie1 says:

    Nice Job once again.

  12. FranceBushcraft says:

    Good trap mate
    All the best


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