Native American Sun Blocker

A easy way to keep the sun out of your eyes if you are without a hat.

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Man vs. Wild – Latched On

Watch Man vs. Wild Thursdays @ 9PM e/p on Discovery! | | After Bear Grylls slips and falls into a river, he notices a leech has caught a hold of him. He then demonstrates how to properly remove a leech and also how to stop any bleeding.

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Discovery Channel – Dual Survival – Publicity/Debut -

Portugal Language. Portuguese: – Programa de Duo de Sobreviventes quepassa no canal Discovery Channel todas as segundas-feiras às 21.15. A repetição são sábados às 16.40. 1 Episódio por semana. Irei gravar todos e meter no meu canal. O programa é feito por duas pessoas chamadas Dave Canterbury e Cody Lundin. Façam Subscribe e comentem os videos :D Estreia/Publicidade. English: – Program Dual Survival that passes on Discovery Channel Portugal every Monday at 21.15. Repetition is Saturday at 16.40. 1 Episode a week. I’ll save everyone and put in my channel. The program is made by the 2 guys called Dave Canterbury and Cody Lundin. Subscribe and coment the videos :D Publicity/Debut. Two men with completely different styles of survival skills. Can they survive together?

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Worst-Case Scenario: Downed Power Line | Dog Attack 2/3

In this worst case scenario bear grylls shows us how to get alive from a Dog Attack and an Downed Power Line

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Survivor Stud Episode 6: The Desert – Man Vs. Wild Parody

Wolf Mills almost shows you how to survive the perils of the desert

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Honoring Those Who Died on 9/11

We honor and pray for the victims and the victims families of 9/11

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Masters of Survival – Wild Diners Part 3

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Richard Kern from Odyssey Earth: Survival Knives

Great gear reviews by Richard Kern from Odyssey Earth on Gerber Gator Machete, a Sharp skinning knife and a skeletool leather man knife.

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