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Australian Bushcraft Survival. Getting water from a tree.

Australian Bushcraft Survival. Getting water from a tree.

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25 Responses to “Australian Bushcraft Survival. Getting water from a tree.”

  1. IR0NM1K3 says:

    Cool Beans!

  2. DawningAge1 says:

    I had no idea that a tree could sustain water like that. I thought it would ooze out.

  3. RDPproject says:

    Ontario Spec Plus SP8

  4. Capzy says:

    Awesome Vid…. what brand of lil machete is that?

  5. nannyh97 says:

    That’s amazing

  6. RDPproject says:

    Thats is why you should filter it.

  7. shaolinadr says:

    I did this today and the water came out dirty

  8. DarkChaoto says:

    If there are trees similar to the ones in your video around Africa and other parts of the world where they struggle to find fresh clean water I’m sure if they learned the technique you shown us many lives would be saved. Sure beats digging up dirty water to drink. I’m also guessing that’s an aberigany (sorry about spelling) technique?

  9. survivescotland2009 says:

    @RDPproject redevelopment sucks,good educational vid though brother

  10. RDPproject says:

    Nah mate…I fully understand what you meant.
    No harm done dude. ;-)

  11. dmgm1970 says:

    @RDPproject Not a criticism. I’m not so precious as to think we can’t harm a single tree. More interested to know,
    A) if a knife could achieve the penetration required
    B) whether this form of water collection is sustainable (like a rubber tree)

  12. RDPproject says:

    I know exactly what your talking about…but…
    Unfortunately that entire area is due for development. So it wouldnt
    really matter in the long run as the trees are soon to be cut town.

  13. RDPproject says:

    I just had to use what I had…
    Besides…that entire area is due for development. So it wouldnt
    really matter in the long run as the trees are soon to be cut town.

  14. RDPproject says:

    Unfortunately that entire area is due for development. So it wouldnt
    really matter in the long run as the trees are soon to be cut town.

  15. RDPproject says:

    The Latin name is Melaleuca. The Ti tree (aka tea tree), Melaleuca alternifolia, is notable for its essential oil which is both anti-fungal, and antibiotic, while safely usable for topical applications. This is produced on a commercial scale, and marketed as Tea Tree Oil. So its not just water that it can supply you with.

  16. Nurr0 says:

    This is amazing! Paperbarks are so useful, but I thought only for tinder until now… Wow, thanks. =D

  17. dmgm1970 says:

    Interesting, I was looking for videos on Australian ‘bush tucker’ especially from the southern states. I’m guessing you identify these trees by the bulge in the trunk.
    I’d have been interested to see if you could have made a smaller hole with a knife, lower down, and got a neater result. I’ve seen a video of ray mears tapping a birch tree( i think) with a drill, then hammering a wooded plug in when he was done. Kinder to the tree.

  18. RDPproject says:

    True, true, true how very true.

  19. RockyGully says:

    Good video there! Regardless of whether your car or another water source is not too far away,that wouldn’t be much help to you if you were lost in this type of country if you needed water to survive.It’s the little pieces of info the you can recall that no matter how insignificent it may seem at the time,can sometimes be the difference between life and death.Live and learn together!

  20. RDPproject says:

    Thx mate.
    I hope people do learn from it.

  21. HappyJackSlade says:

    Great post mate. So many people dont know this. may save someone life some day

  22. RDPproject says:

    And please, continue to watch TeddyBear Grylls. Dont let us stop you. But a word of advice. Be careful what info/advice you follow form him. (some of his advice could get you killed)
    Take note of Bob Cooper,
    Les Hiddins – aka Bushtuckerman. Malcolm Douglas,
    Less Stroud and Ray Mears.
    You will find videos of some sorts of all of them here on YT.

  23. RDPproject says:

    Mate, do yourself a favor and go
    to youtube user SkogKniv and watch as many of his Ray Mears videos as possible….heck…watch them all.
    You can tell SkogKniv that I sent you aswell if you want. Say “Gday” to him from me…lol.

  24. RDPproject says:

    Oh god….
    Please dont compare me
    to TeddyBear Grylls…. :-(

  25. ahoyhoy79 says:

    ah its all good, brother


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