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Australian Bushcraft Making the Curley Birch Damascus Knife. Part 2.

Australian Bushcraft Making the Curley Birch Damascus Knife. Part 2.

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25 Responses to “Australian Bushcraft Making the Curley Birch Damascus Knife. Part 2.”

  1. RDPproject says:

    ohh…i cant remember. It was so long ago now.
    I wuld say…about an hour…I take my time with things and constantly check
    my work as I go along.

  2. Sarghos says:

    Very beautiful work. How long took you to shape handle from when you star shaping on belt sander till you put oil on it?

  3. RDPproject says:

    Thanks Mike.
    If I ever use any more Damascus again…then i will probably
    show how i etch it.

  4. torquefactory says:

    Great series ROB! How you etched the damascus blade! Maybe in the future you will do a vid about damascus blades! Kind regards, Mike!

  5. MrDlj1369 says:

    @RDPproject ok thanks..ill try it on my next knife

  6. RDPproject says:

    Well…it would depend on the conditions. If it was kept in a very dry enviroment it would be fine. But basically…Yes It will rust. THIS blade had tiny specks of rust on it one day after use in the bush. *see my camping trip video* So when its not in use…i always keep a thin layer of oil on it. They are stored together, but as the sheath is leather…it attracts moisture as we are in a humid climate. so the blade is never stored in the sheath itself.

  7. faranglaw says:

    turned out very nice….what I’d do for a belt sander…
    If you left that knife for a couple years un-oiled would that get a slight surface rust or is damascus more resistant..?

  8. RDPproject says:

    If your talking about the red liner…..
    Its vulcanised fiber liner.
    Avaliable online and from most good knife supply companies.

  9. MrDlj1369 says:

    what material was used in between the woods in your handel? very nice looking knife

  10. RDPproject says:

    Nah… I wasnt sure what design I was gonna use for the handle. So by doing it this way I had more wood to work with and I can adjust the design as I go along.

  11. razorsharpness4 says:

    you should of cut most of the wood of with knife or axe or other blade and ther sand it

  12. RDPproject says:

    Thx mate and youre welcome.

  13. RDPproject says:

    No worries mate.

  14. eleytron says:

    excellent video , thanks for taking the time to show us.

  15. reasoning777 says:

    What a lovely Knife! Thanks again for the vid’s.

  16. RDPproject says:

    Thanks Jeff.
    Merry Christmas mate.

  17. captjeff78 says:

    WOW!!! nice job ROb!!

  18. RDPproject says:

    Glad you got something from it.

  19. Jojofux says:

    Top shelf work. Thanks for posting the video, its really informative.

  20. RDPproject says:

    Its not cheap

  21. RDPproject says:

    Im sure there is some wood importer that has it….but i cant find them. I get mine in small blocks from Australian Knife club over in WA

  22. phrayzar says:

    great looking knife. Can we buy curley birch in Oz or did you order it. Top post.

  23. elpidi0526 says:

    yep, my profile name on iKnifeCollector[.]com is Matt K.

    can’t wait to see more of your videos my man. I’M HOOKED! Thanks again Rob.

  24. RDPproject says:

    thx Kyley

  25. RDPproject says:

    Thx Matt.
    Have you checked out
    the website
    - iKnivesCollect – dot – com ?


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