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A Hike in Hinckley Ohio

More Exploring in Ohio. We go to Hinckley where there is a vast area of Wilderness with great Rock formations, and Rock Carvings.

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25 Responses to “A Hike in Hinckley Ohio”

  1. ipodtouchguy951 says:

    awesome dog!!

  2. Sabretoothkiller says:

    This looks like my backyard here in eastern KY. Nice video.

  3. casuallytactical says:

    @Oak0586 Nope. It’s accessable off of Ledge Road or at the trailhead for horses near Johnson’s picnic area. It’s kind of a little hidden gem, that’s why I took Rob there.

    I lived in Abilene, TX for years then moved back after college so I understand your thoughts. There’s tons of great stuff within a few hours of San Antonio. Take a weekend trip to Big Bend and you’ll never come back the same.

  4. Oak0586 says:

    Man, this video makes me misss the eastern woodlands so much. I relocated from Akron,Ohio to San Antonio, Texas 2 years ago. I would go to Hinkley every summer. Is that by any chance Whipps Ledges?

  5. bassfuryvi says:

    Great to get out and see something like that!!! thanks for sharing..I filmed a walk yesterday if anyone wants to see…

  6. MrRonbon27 says:

    thx :) it´s amazing

  7. canteencorner says:

    @MrRonbon27 the credit for the carvings goes to Noble Stuart, otherwise known as the Warden.

  8. canteencorner says:

    @Jaygermeister Will do! I may be out that way next week.

  9. canteencorner says:

    @herpingmad145 The best pack I have used so far is one I am trying to get a source for. It is the 5.11 Rush 24, they have a slightly larger Rush 72 as well. But the 24 is bigger than the three day assault pack., and has a great harness system for those with bad backs.

  10. MrRonbon27 says:

    wow, amazing, who make this pictures on the stones?

  11. herpingmad145 says:

    What is the best 25-30 L pack (not military preferably, their almost imposible to find over here,and i don’t want to order) for hiking and camping thats durable and functional?Yes I saw that recent video but I don’t want to order)

  12. Jaygermeister says:

    Hey Rob – next time you’re in my “backyard” let me know i’ll meet you out there, lol. I live about 15mins from where the ledges there.

  13. aguswidjaja says:

    Thank you for sharing. Nice good quality video.

  14. Jbon3180 says:

    i live in Cleveland Ohio that’s cool

  15. ColinOutdoors says:

    thats some talented carving, awesome live strong dude

  16. XCritonX says:

    Dachshund and Terrier is a good mix for a rat killer! I would like a Dachshund x Whippet, good for chasing bunnies.

  17. dgerps says:

    Thank you for taking the time to post the video!

  18. actualizator says:

    I have same dod!
    He is very crazy :) )

  19. casuallytactical says:

    Thanks for filling me full of the great trailside grub on this trek, Rob. FYI to the viewers – all of the credit for the carvings goes to Noble Stuart, he’s Nettie’s third wife. The previous two husbands passed away.

  20. capreolus4 says:


  21. kinnear69 says:

    I like the Rock carvings!!! very cool!!

  22. TheBackyardBushman says:

    Huh. Very interesting Rob, certainly not something you come across every day.

  23. JimboJitsu says:

    so now we know all the carvings were by artistic caretakers..

  24. enjoythewildUSA says:

    cool video….

  25. EDINBURGSTAR says:

    I use to live on the outskirts of Bowling Green Ohio, That is where i found my arrowheads. By the way that is one fiersome dog you have there. LOL
    Good Vid, 5 stars


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