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7 Tips For Building Survival Shelters

If you plan on building a survival shelter in the wilderness, you will need to follow several simple criteria. You may not be able to make use of every single one of them due to the various situations you may find yourself in, but the more of them that you use; the more comfortable you will end up being.

My very first shelter ended up looking quite similar to Swiss cheese. It even rained and the wind just blew right through it. Probably the single great part about it was that an endless fire was burning for me. I ended up learning a lot of lessons that day, though, so I hope you learn a lot from me.

There are seven pieces of criteria that you will need to succeed in building your wilderness survival shelter:

1. Keep It Simple!
Keep things simple. It is understandable that creative juices simply flow sometimes, but keep in mind that it could get dark and cold out very soon, so keeping things to a minimum is essential for survival. Remember that your goal is to only stay for a short while; this isn’t going to be a very long vacation.

2. Stay high
Build your shelter around seventy-five feet high from the canyon floor. Cold air tends to settle while warm air tends to rise, so you will want to say away from the bottom in order to keep yourself warm.

3. Build it small
Smaller shelters are come with an ease in building and keeping you warm.

4. Have your slopes face to the south
Slopes that face to the south will stay open, allowing the sun to warm it, while those that face to the north usually end up damp, dark and cold.

5. Build it strong
No matter what kind of emergency, it is essential to refrain from doing any harm. It wouldn’t be good if your shelter ended up falling on you; plus, it wouldn’t be very warm for you, either.

6. Make sure it is warm
Try to create a space of dead-air, so that you can trap the heat inside your shelter. You can do this by building low doors.

7. Ensure it is waterproof and windproof
If water can reach your shelter and if the wind can easily blow through it, you will never stay dry or warm. Make sure there are no holes in your shelter!

These are all of the basic wilderness survival shelter criteria you need to know. The more of them you follow, the better your shelter will be. Keep in mind that: the more shelters you build, the more professional you will get at it, so never give up!

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