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3 Essential Wilderness Items

Hunteddown848 and I each made a video on the three things you must have in the wilderness. Also check out hunteddown848′s video on his three essentials, we both think on the same terms( waterbottle, knife, firesteel) :)

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25 Responses to “3 Essential Wilderness Items”

  1. PittRules55 says:

    @zeroryde chestnut ridge knife shop makes custom sheaths for multiple different knives in two colors, green and black

  2. zeroryde says:

    nice, I have the same exact knives, BK7 and just got the ESEE 4, where did you get your kydex sheath or was it custom made?

  3. PittRules55 says:

    @adamantibody chestnut ridge knife shop

  4. adamantibody says:

    Where did you get that Kydex sheath for the BK&?

  5. hbfvd says:

    Great vid.

  6. hbfvd says:

    Survivorman has improved his Shows. I have seen Les Stroud drink water on multiple occasions where he has not treated the water. Very foolish at the best of times. I have also seen Les eat a mushroom in the field, and he was unsure of it’s name. NEVER eat mushrooms in a survival situation. They lack nutritive values, and if you eat the wrong one, you’re done.

    ….and maybe, just maybe, he should carry a Bic lighter on his pocket. I realize he’s making a show, but people who don’t know better

  7. PACER2320 says:


  8. TheValineurheilija says:

    Good vid.I like that nalgene in steel ive never seen that before :)

  9. peterf16 says:

    @chushinryoku yes, hence making water to survive!

  10. chushinryoku says:

    @peterf16 that I will certainly agree with. I do know of circumstances, I believe it may be in an episode of survivorman, where there was no water and the guy had to distill his urine

  11. peterf16 says:

    @chushinryoku Yes but only in certain ambient temperatures, and humidity levels. You do make a good point that most people end of dying of hypo or hyperthermia, however, i’m trying to point out that you can never escape lack of water, unlike with shelter, where u can make it.

  12. chushinryoku says:

    @peterf16 You can die more quickly of hypothermia than thirst. The threes rule is general. And shelter also includes your clothing.

  13. peterf16 says:

    @chushinryoku not true, there are many situations where you can live much longer than 3 hrs without shelter, its just about impossible to live without water for more than 4 days max!

  14. LiFetommi says:

    more important than any of those three from my personal experience is proper clothing. The elements is what kills the quickest in the wild. I’ve now learnt how to make fire successfully without any spark/flame aid and also have practiced a lot with flint and stone tools to be able to contruct adequate shelter. Thats why i think clothing is more important than other items.

  15. agun17 says:

    Very good.

    I’d add a long burning tinder and some paracord.

  16. PittRules55 says:

    @Patriotalliance Well the large knife is a Kabar Becker Bk7

  17. Patriotalliance says:

    Good choices on your carry items. I carry the same,only my knife choice is a KaBar.

  18. americanpatriot95 says:

    nice knives

  19. chushinryoku says:

    @gorzinplatz I never said you couldn’t I said it was more important than fire or water

  20. gorzinplatz says:

    @chushinryoku Yes but with good tools in the right environment you can make shelter. And fire is a hell of a lot better than freezing your ass off.

  21. chushinryoku says:

    shelter is more important than fire or water fyi.
    3 hours without shelter
    3 days without water
    3 weeks without food

  22. PittRules55 says:

    Thanks PackRat I should make a video on my top ten items one of these days.

  23. PackRat556 says:

    Nice sheaths on both your knives! Good choice for your 3! I could agree with those no problem!

  24. UROTSUKIDOYI says:

    where you get that kydex sheath for the bk7? i need one, the sheath it comes with is kinda crappy

  25. icychap says:

    Maybe not, but I would never be caught with JUST these three!


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