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Knife Destruction Test – Hultafors HVK – Part 2 of 5

Testing the Hultafors HVK Knife with some real world tests, big thanks to Jontok for supplying the knife.

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Death toll of 123 expected to climb

Death toll of 123 expected to climb
The official death toll from the Christchurch earthquake stands at 123 this morning and is expected to climb, says Canterbury District Commander, Superintendent Dave Cliff.


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Schrade SCHF3N Extreme Survival Fixed Blade Knife

  • 6.4″ blade, 5.6″ handle
  • 400 Series Stainless Steel
  • Micarta handle
  • Sheath included
  • 1lb, 6.0 ounces

Product Description
Features: 5.6″ handle. 6.4″ blade. 12.0″ overall…. More >>

Schrade SCHF3N Extreme Survival Fixed Blade Knife

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Sterno Stove Review

Sorry its been a while guys but I hate some new videos for my channel, so thanks for watching and stay tuned for more videos!! www,

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Man vs. Wild – Castaway part 1/5

Castaway: Season 4 Episode 4 Bear Grylls strands himself in popular wilderness destinations where tourists often find themselves lost or in danger.

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Messer schärfen unterwegs

Messer schärfen unterwegs mit einem kleinen Schleifstein, Fällkniven DC4!Wie man den Schleifstein fixieren kann und worauf man achten muss beim Schleifen! How to sharpen a knife in the field, Fällkniven DC4,essbare Wildpflanzen, Signaling, Whillow Whistle, whistle, Pfeife, Maipfeiferl, Outdoornahrung, Ray Mears, fischen, angeln, Survivalfishing, Survivalnahrung, Outdoor, Notnahrung, Bear Grylls, Les Stroud, Survival, Bushcraft, Survivalmesser, Bushcraftmesser, Survivalknife, Bushcraftknife, primitive living, trapping,, Austria, Germany, Salzburg, Deutsch

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Who do you think is a better survivalist, Les Stroud (Survivorman) or Bear Grylls (Man vs Wild)?

I watch Survivorman regularly and will eventually flip to Man vs Wild. I think all of Les Stroud’s information is helpfull, but i dont know about Bear Grylls. Les is out there by himself, in which a lot of people are out by themselves in survival situations. He knows not to take any unnecessary risks, and not to panic.

Bear on the other hand, is always running and wasting his energy. Hes not out there by himself, and survives a shorter amount of time in the wild than Les. Some of his information is useful, like what to do when you get in “this” situation. But some of his tips can get you killed fast. Like “drinking your own pee”, he says its perfectly safe, but Les says it is full with a bunch of toxins that can kill you. And climbing up waterfalls and trees and what not. Most of us do not have the physical capabilities that he has, so how are we supposed practice what he demonstrates?

Overall both of them have their survival techniques that are helpful, but i think Les has more survival tips and experience.

So the second question is, who would you rather be stuck in the wild with and why (considering your small plane crashed somewhere in the Alaskan wild. There are three of you. An African American, a 60 year old man, and either of the survival experts. 3 days into survival, the African American gets eaten by a grizzly bear, but the bear doesn’t follow you).

Answer Please!

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Alice Pack

at camp and showing you guys my kit

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