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Survivorman Fuego en Arizona (Español-latino)

tecnica primitiva

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SURVIVAL-how to make a figure four deadfall trap

this is a very detailed toturial on how to make a figure four deadfall.

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Video 6 – Things for your survival kit emergency bug out bag – waterproof matches.wmv

Getting your gear wet is a strong likelihood, even if you are just out for a day hike and break a leg, you could easily get rained on, or fall into water, even the dew can put an end to your fun if it gets your matches wet. Coghlans Waterproof Matches, pk of 4 940BP: Uco Stormproof Matches: Other items that may come in handy: Emergency Space Blanket: Nexcare Clear Waterproof Bandage: Nexcare Butterfly Closure Bandage: Diamond Strike Anywhere Kitchen Matches 250 Count: GI Large P-51 Can Opener: South Bend Sporting Goods PHA-1 Crappie And Pan Fish Hook Assortment: Berkley Trilene XL Filler Spools 330 YD: Durex Natural Feeling Dry Condoms, a Non-Lubricated Condom: FireSteel Miniature: Learn Survival: 98.6 Degrees: The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive: When All Hell Breaks Loose: Stuff You Need To Survive When Disaster Strikes: Ultimate Guide to Wilderness Living: Surviving with Nothing But Your Bare Hands and What You Find in the Woods: Learn Survival on Kindle: There are other great books out there by experts like: cody lundin dave canterbury and mykel hawke.

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Ultimate Survival – Bear Grylls eet geit en kameel.

Bear Gryll wordt door een bedouin getrakteerd op geit , kameel en nog veel meer!

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Caring for your Axe with Wax – Bushcraft Gransfors Bruks Axe

A quick tip on caring for your Axe with wax! Give it a coating of wax and it will protect it against rusting in the wet. The axe in this video is a gransfors bruks small forest axe. You can learn more about Axes at

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How to make a Hobo Stove

How to make and use a hobo stove

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Australian survival and self reliance. Mora of Sweden #945 Stainless steel knife unboxing. If you look up most reviews and they are positively for Mora knives. The Mora #946 is an all-round fixed blade belt knife. The knife and sheath weigh about 120g The blade is stainless steel (Sandvik 12C27 mod) 2.5mm thick and 10.2 cm long. The handle is roughly 12.5cm long and is cushioned black rubber with a hand guard. It provides good control and comfort even in the cold and wet, it is sized well for medium hands. The sheath is made from black plastic, and has a swivelling belt clip so that you can swivel it when you wanna sit down so you don’t have the sheath digging into you. I think its a good buy for someone who is looking for a cheap yet good survival/bushcraft knife.

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Gear Review – Trinkflaschen & Becher Teil 3

Wie transportiert ihr euer Wasser? Woraus trinkt ihr? Worin kocht ihr euer Essen? Hier eine Übersicht über Trinkflaschen, Becher und Kochgefässe! Mit der richtigen Kombination seid ihr für jede Outdoorsituation gewappnet und könnt euch somit das wichtige Trinkwasser sichern, aufbereiten und transportieren!……..Canteen Cup, Fallenbau, Bushcraftmesser, Bushcraftknife, Mora Bushcraft Triflex, Test, batoning, feathersticks, essbare Wildpflanzen, Signaling, Whillow Whistle, Not Pfeife, Outdoornahrung, Ray Mears, Survivalfishing, Survivalnahrung, Outdoor, Notnahrung, Bear Grylls, Les Stroud, Survival, Bushcraft, Survivalmesser, Bushcraftmesser, Survivalknife, Bushcraftknife, primitive living, trapping,, Austria, Germany, Salzburg, Cody Lundin, Deutsch

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