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Dual Survival – Out of Air (Part 5)

Dual Survival – Out of Air (Part 5) With Dave Canterbury and Cody Lundin

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Bear Grylls The Justin Lee Collins Show

Bear Grylls interview (21st May 2009)

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Bear hunts pirana

Bear hunts pirana

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Les Stroud – Surviving Urban Disasters “Flood” Part 5 of 5

This one-hour special has Les Stroud surviving in a flooding house and traveling to New Orleans to interview actual survivors of hurricane Katrina. Stroud demonstrates a host of intriguing skills that could save your life.

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Dual Survival – Desert Breakdown (Part6)

Cody and Dave head into Peru’s infamous “Valley of the Volcanoes” to take on the ultimate lost-in-the-desert survival scenario — a broken down car miles from civilization, in the middle of an almost barren lava-scorched landscape. Here, Dave and Cody take on two roles to show how to survive this desolate location: Dave stays with the vehicle and signals for rescue while Cody heads out in search of water. But first, Dave and Cody strip the car for everything it’s worth, salvaging the battery, headlights, electrical wiring, tires and seat cushions. They fight volcanic rock, heat exhaustion, altitude sickness,dehydration, rodents and a debilitating illness that literally brings Cody to his knees. Discovery Channel Dual Survival Link More About Dave Canterbury www.wildernessoutfittersarcher… http More About Cody Lundin FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 USC section 107 of the US Copyright Law. dual survival, dual survivor, dave canterbury, cody lundin, discovery channel, survival, bushcraft, Pathfinder School, Aboriginal Living Skills School, wildernessoutfitters, wilderness outfitters, Self Reliance, Primitive Skills, Primitive Living, Woodsmanship, Historical Woodslore

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Les Stroud in Off The Grid 6 of 7

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Dual Survival – Failed Ascent Part 3

Dual Survival – Fail Ascent with Dave Canterbury & Cody Lundin

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Blind Horse Knives, Scooter starts fire with new Pathfinder knife.

Scooter starts fire with new Pathfinder knife. Collaboratively designed by Dave Canterbury and BHK!

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