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Bear Grylls Great Outdoors Adventures

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More people than ever before are spending weekends and vacations climbing mountains, surfing waves, kayaking
or simply wilderness walking. Now, Britain’s most intrepid, SAS-trained, survival expert shares his exper… More >>

Bear Grylls Great Outdoors Adventures

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Les Stroud in Off The Grid 7 of 7

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Beyond Survival with Les Stroud – S01E02 – The sea Gypsies of Malaysia (3/3)

Les heads into open waters with the Sea Gypsies of Malaysia to spearfish in shark filled seas, and survive in a world of water, where storms and tsunamis threaten to wipe out the tribe, forever.

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Dual Survival – Split Up (Part 5)

Our survival duo take on a nightmarish scenario: stranded, miles apart, in Arizona. Their mission: trek through the tough terrain to find each other and then together make their way to civilization. Dave begins his journey at 8000 feet above sea level in the Ponderosa Pine forest, where trees block his view at every turn. With no compass and barely a view of the sun, Dave must find his way back to his partner — but not before night and its freezing temperatures hit. Further south, Cody sets out in a totally different ecosystem: the high desert scrub country that he calls home. Cody readies for long-term survival, using his extensive desert survival knowledge to find water, build fire, and construct a variety of signals to help Dave find him. More About Dave Canterbury www.wildernessoutfittersarcher… http More About Cody Lundin FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 USC section 107 of the US Copyright Law. dual survival, dual survivor, dave canterbury, cody lundin, discovery channel, survival, bushcraft, Pathfinder School, Aboriginal Living Skills School, wildernessoutfitters, wilderness outfitters, Self Reliance, Primitive Skills, Primitive Living, Woodsmanship, Historical Woodslore,

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Dual Survival Show Debut on Discovery

Dave Canterbury of YouTube channel Wilderness Outfitters is debuting in his new Discovery show called Dual Survival. We were sad to see him depart YouTube last fall to go film the show but it will be cool to see him on the big(ger) screen. Show debuts Friday June 11, 2010, 10pm, Discovery. Props to Rex for letting me know!

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Parade magazine, December 14, 2008-Deck the Halls…without wrecking the budget and survival expert Les Stroud.

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Weekly celebrity and general interest magazine distributed by inclusion inside certain Sunday newspapers across the U.S…. More >>

Parade magazine, December 14, 2008-Deck the Halls…without wrecking the budget and survival expert Les Stroud.

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Snow supply cheers fields

Snow supply cheers fields
Warm spring weather is unlikely to spoil the end of a bumper Canterbury ski season, operators say.

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Bear Grylls Bear Eats 2/5

Bear must put his prejudices aside and tuck into a whole array of ‘tasty treats’ in order to survive the most hostile places on earth.Yes, it’s the juicy bits – this one-off special takes viewers through the prime cuts of “Born Survivor”. Cue the camel’s stomach, the elephant droppings, the live frogs, the goat’s testicles, the meat from a zebra carcass, the water from steaming elephant dung and turtle’s blood… all in the name of survival, tasty!

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